Saturday, 23 February 2013

Project: PostPals Part 1

I've written theses for all the boys @postpals
Over the years I have sent children on Post Pals a little card or signed up to create a package to a set theme and been assigned a child to send to. They got hacked in to a few times and my health started going weird so I had little to no energy for it so I eventually stopped. I decided though that one of the projects I wanted to do was get back in to sending the children something and had intended to make each child a postcard only when I started looking for inspiration for childrens cards etc... I couldn't find any which in the end turned out to be a good thing as I decided to send all the boys a Where's Wally Postcard as that is so much more their kind of thing with having to search for things, which boy doesn't like an investigation or a laugh at the insanity of events happening in the pictures.
The girls however I do hope to make their Postcards but with having worked on 2 projects this week I had no time to consider a third. I've sent one project off which I can reveal in a weeks time and the other I've almost completed. I should then hopefully make a start on something for them. The theme I've decided is the Little Misses as I still have some papers left from when I made my nieces first birthday invites....
Little Miss
Hopefully I will be able to keep them simple, fun but also postable. Lets wait and see what happens! I may have to think of something else also as I may not have enough sheets depending on how things turn out.
If you have a spare stamp and postcard, why not send a little note to a child on Post Pals. It only takes a second and will put a huge smile on a childs face. Go For It!


  1. These are so pretty and I can imagine how excited a child would be to recieve something like that.

    1. For some of these children apart from the hospital patients/workers, its the only other communication they have with a person so its nice to do it in a fun way. I'm sure they are happy with anything.

  2. I received Where's Wally Postcard from you and I really enjoyed it, kids will enjoy even more than me. And those Little Miss invitations are amazing! I wish them all for myself, so girls will be happy. ;)
    Thank you for sharing this site. I haven`t heard of it before. We don`t have such interesting kids postcards, but I will try to make something :)

  3. I'm glad you liked it and I'm sure the boys will too. These invites for my niece we were the only ones to enjoy them really as the people we gave them to probably throw them away. Hopefully the ones I make for the girls will be just as nice :).

    The children will appreciate any mail they receive but remember not all of them will reply back.


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