Sunday, 12 August 2012

Kerri Smith 100 Ideas~ 58. Ten Things~

These are in no particular order but what just came to mind after reading the prompts.
  1. Electric Toothbrush.... why did I not buy one of these sooner as my teeth are so much cleaner then an ordinary one.
  2. Snail Mail... is my life. I've been doing it since I was 8 years old!
  3. Stationery... I can't help buying it even if I don't need it.
  4. Tissue Paper... I've always got a snotty nose and in the olden days we had hankies which just weren't enough so I can't now survive without my tissue paper.
  5. Crafts
  6. Charities... I can't help but support some of them.
  7. Faith... one needs faith to survive.
  8. Time for me
  9. Food
  10. Dreams... to survive life
  11. Nature... I can't imagine life without that beauty
  12. Life
What would you list look like?


  1. I also love snail mail and stationery and have thought about an electic toothbrush myself but wasn't sure if it was worth it......

  2. Well, I wouldn't exactly know what my "10 most important things" would be, but my iPod, books (in general), stationery and pen palling would be in there without a doubt! And yes, Faith is one of the most important things in life and that a person needs to survive and that would be on the top 5 on my list. I really love how you included it, as it is the way I perceive it myself!


Thank you for your wonderful comment.