Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Project: Elevated Envelope

I've followed The Elevated Envelope blog for a while and loved all the amazing envelopes that people were creating. So when one day I came online to see a blog post about having only one more day to sign up if I wanted to take part (I didn't know there was a sign up) I jumped at the chance of doing it.
Once the themes were e-mailed I was really stuck, Do I do one of the themes or do I create one of my own? I ended up thinking of so many ideas that in the end it was easir just for my minds sake to choose one of the themes and I choose
My summer is Your Winter theme...
in reality that's not true at all as it is winter at the moment here!
I sat down and created these...

Rocket                                                                       Feast
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Fab                                                                           Strawberry Split

Each ice lolly I made into a booklet and wrote a note to each person who I got as my partner. I thought about it later and thought I should have turned them into pockets and put little things inside but I'd create these by then.
At first I was just going to send these like they are but deciding that it may not be considered as an envelope so I decorated 4 white long envelopes with outlines of ice-creams in winter colours but they just didn't sit right. Also I was worried about the lollipop sticks, in that will they survive the post! I was stood in a store with a craft section sorting my niece out when out of the corner of my eye I noticed clear bags for cards and I had a Eureka moment! I bought the bags, wrapped my ice-lollies up so that they fit with space around the edges (which required taping the edges) and put them in the bigger plastic bags that I bought....
#fab #confetti #icecream #icelolly #snowflakes #elevatedenvelope #glitter #snailmail#feast #icecream #icelolly #confetti #snowflakes #snailmail #glitter #elevatedenvelope#strawberrysplit #icecream #icelolly #snowflakes #confetti #elevatedenvelopeThe finished envelope #rocket  #icecream #icelolly #elevatedenvelope #confetti #snowflakes
I then needed snowflakes for the winter side of things but you wouldn't believe that I couldn't find snowflake punches or stickers anywhere! My sister then remembered she had one, gave me it but it was just so small to create the effect I wanted so just punched lots of little blue snowflakes.  In the end I raided a clearance section in the shops... moving things here and there to finally right at the back at the bottom of a box I came across some so bought them snowflakes, so I was being a bit drastic when saying I couldn't find them anywhere but it felt like it. I also had one sheet at home so created double sided snowflakes by sticking one side on to card, cutting around it and then sticking another on the back. I also used white flower confetti, hearts and glitter to add a little something more.
I then assumed I had the right stamps for these and would only need one but it turned out that I didn't and I would need lots! This resulted in me wondering what to do and what side to stick everything on so in the end I stuck it to the side with the seal on as then you could still see the ribbon bows on the front.
I hadnt intended for do many stanps but they are now In the post and on their way #elevatedenvelope #stamps #british #snailmail #penpal
I couldn't leave it there though, it had to have a fun address label so I created these on a sticky sheet.
Wrote the wrong address on the first one so recreated this one #elevatedenvelope #addresslabel #snailmail #penpal #screwball #icecream#twister #addresslabel #icecream #snailmail #penpal #elevatedenvelopeAn #icecream #addresslabel #flake #snailmail #penpal #elevatedenvelopeCreated some ice-cream related address labels for #elevatedenvelope exchange #icechoc #chocice #icecream #chocolate

I actually created a bigger version of the Twister but when it came to creating it in to a book it turned out to be really hard which is why instead it featured on the label. Also I made two little mistakes, the first was to spell elevated envelope wrong which I noticed whilst it was still with me so I changed it, that ice-cream, I know as a screwball! The other one was the ice-choc which is actually known as a choc ice... oh well!
Even though at times I wanted to tear my hair out with this project, I love how it turned out in the end and I hope that my partners do too.
What is your favourite ice-cream?


  1. OK my blogger popped up here, so I am not sure my comment went through if not here it goes again:

    I want want want them, they are amazing and this is fabulous and wow!

    1. It didn't go through but I'm glad you tried again.

      I guess I could always create some more to offer on make my day one day for anyone wanting them to receive one :)

  2. Well, dear Bubbles, it's my turn to write, but when you get my letter and reply, I want some mail art too ^0^ This is such an awesome creative idea!! Just wow ^0^

    1. I can't wait, I have holidays in 2 weeks time and can then do some serious writing, if I feel up to it :). I will also make more effort with my envelopes now that I have my own stamps, I couldn't before as the postal worker always made a mess of them.

      I mentioned to you last time that my drawing skills weren't great which is why I decided to take part in this doodle project, it gets me back into drawing, creating and then hopefulyl I can get into doodling on envelopes too :)


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