Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Project: Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt

This time last year I signed up for the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt. I had to wait patiently for my partner and when it was all done and dusted this is what it looked like... here...! It is organised by the lovely Fab over at Wreck This Journal
I loved putting my package together last year that I wondered if there would be another as I needed a challenge. I was happy to then go on Instagram and see the logo for a photo and a discussion going on about it. It started a couple of weeks earlier this year compared to last year but I preferred it as I could make a small start in my holidays. Saying that though it was in my February holidays last year but I waited until the last minute to do it all.

I managed to get all my items together but then lost my steam when it came to packaging them all as I wanted to do something different but with being back at work and starting another cleanse I didn't feel at all motivated but I'm happy with the way everything turned out in the end and I hope that you like looking through what I came up with.

I sent to the lovely elkedagechtepost

City Explorers Kit
As I mentioned the sign up for this swap came at the right time as I had holidays and had started collecting bits and pieces that I thought I may need. Its a good thing I did as I was happy to see the city explorers kit. I've included receipts from various shopping sprees, the one I actually needed to take part in the survey I had thrown away as I didn't want my partner knowing how much I spent on all her goodies... it wouldn't be nice. There are bus and parking tickets, the various lottery tickets that were next to me when paying for a phone top up, some jelly beans and the postcards. I couldn't pick up bits and pieces off the street as even though we haven't had snow this winter we have had far too much rain so my partner would have been disgusted by the soggy mess I would have picked up. Hopefully she can use these things in a collage or journal. I wore my shoe out exploring so much that I never noticed I'd lost the bottom of my heal and had to go out and buy some more shoes.

Something Quirky
I just loved the little ornaments in the shop I got this from and since we are likely to get snow in 3 seasons of the year there was nothing better then this quirky little snowman that can make an appearance at those times.

Something to Read
My first thoughts of course were books. I went to Waterstones and then to WHSmiths. I honestly could have come home with half of WHSmiths as they had many titles on sale for £1 that were all to my taste but nothing that felt right for my partner so I came away with nothing. Its just by chance that these came together and I love it.
Something Traditional
I write to a few ladies in Holland and we have often discussed 'high tea' so when I saw these items I just knew that I had to get them for this theme. When this range came out I absolutely loved it but I don't think I ever bought anything from it until now. Also you have a solider whose a must see when visiting London.
The Writing Kit
I handmade 3 envelopes, included 2/3 postcards, buttons, washi tape, stickers and a diddl pen that I bought but never used so has been sat on my desk and only appears in photos.

Something for You
Two of the requests were something gold and something glittery and this fits in perfectly.

Last of all
A little note and the packaging had to have these owls on as its something my secret person liked.

My partner was dragonflykeep, she didn't tell me what was for which theme so I've split it up as I've thought. I can only work out 4 of 6 themes. Here's what I received...
A little note and Something Traditional
Something Old Fashioned and A Mail Kit
Something For Me
Some Mini Gel Pens worth $4! My niece absolutely loves them and keeps asking me what will happen when they run out.

Thank you so much Fab for organising this swap!


  1. I absolutely love what you sent out! Especially the little glass bottles with quotes in them, which is a very unique take on "something to read"! Thanks again for taking part to the project, I'm always glad to have you on board :)

    On a side note, I didn't want to say anything but I'm terrible at keeping secrets.. so yeah.. keep an eye on your mailbox! x

  2. I'm glad you liked what I came up with. The 'something to read' I really wanted to do as it kind of represents me also but I just didn't want to buy any random book so I'm really happy that the messages in a bottle happened by chance. Its so simple but effective and fun... as well as inspirational. I love the idea of the scavenger hunt as it really makes me think.

    You didn't have to send/organise anything but as you have I appreciate it and will let you know when I get my 'surprise!'


Thank you for your wonderful comment.