Friday, 26 October 2012

Project: Lovely Letters

It is that time again to show you my latest lovely letter. One of the things that my partner said she liked was books so I had to use one of my Alice in Wonderland sets but which one do I use was the question....
Choosing a book theme set but which one shall I write on? #alice #aliceinwonderland #silhouette #letterset #heart #spades #diamonds #club #book #character
I ended up choosing the last one because it didn't just have Alice in Wonderland but also Little Red Riding Hood, Wizard of Oz and Snow White... might as well get really in to the Fairy Tale theme I guess. I also realised that I had two of the first set so I'm offering one on my other blog Make My Day, if you haven't done already maybe you'd like to have the chance of getting it by shouting Make My Day!
I've chosen this one as it is #aliceinwonderland #wizardofoz #littleredridinghood and #snowwhite definately fits in with a book theme #stickers #letterset #decotape #silhouette
The writing paper is pretty plain in design and colour considering how much could have been done with these themes and I do find these sets quite boring but my writing looks great on them. I tend to use coloured pens, tapes and stickers anyway so it soon makes things look more cheerful.
To fit in with my #aliceinwonderland letter sets. I do really need some old book pages though. #envelope #washitape #rubberstamp #stickers #rabbit #key #teacup #cupcake #teaparty
I decorated my envelope to match the theme of Alice in Wonderland, even the book page matches as its about Guilotines and the Queen of Hearts wanted everyones heads chopped off.

I continued with the book theme by sending a booklet about Bradford, a leaflet on Haworth where the Bronte sisters grew up and wrote their books. As its a world heritage place its like stepping back in time. Also I included a postcard of the Wool Exchange which has a few shops in its building but majority of the building is occupied by Water Stones which is a book shop.
Even though my letter wasn't as long as last time and I had plenty of sheets to continue writing on I decided to do my 2nd task on the Wizard of Oz letter pad a friend sent me as it fitted in so well. I have to admit though that I really struggled with my 10 questions as I wanted them to be fun and challenging without the usual style of 'What's your favourite colour etc?....

Today I received my partners letters....
Its funny how my partner thought to use an Alice in Wonderland theme on her envelope too and it looks great. The stamps I loved and she included a few goodies.

Here are the 10 questions for me to answer which I'll send with my next letter.

How are you getting on with your Lovely Letter?


  1. how cute these are absolutely love them

  2. I lucked out with the Lovely Letters the woman they paired me with didn't want to write to me she thought we didn't have anything in

    1. That is really unfair that someone agreed to take part and then didn't bother because they didn't feel you were good together, that is just so rude. Its actually something that you know you are going in blind doing as I really didn't want to write to someone under 20 but if it had come to that I would have done it as its part of the swap and the whole idea is to have fun.

      I really hope that this hasn't put the organisers off doing this again as it would be nice for you to get another chance at it.

  3. Replies
    1. I'll have to remember to add you in to the giveaway as its the wrong blog :)

  4. What an idea. That would be a fun task for couples to do. They'll have something new to discover with one another.
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