Thursday, 8 November 2012

Project: Lovely Letters

I can't believe we only have one more task to go I'm sure I will miss it when its over but I'm sure I'll move on to something else. This time I've gone for a cat theme....
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I answered my 10 questions from task 2 using my rubber stamps and hello kitty paper and also I listed my 10 favourite things through a collage as I wanted to do things a little differently...
My favourites in no order with still a little bit of a cat theme to it... 1.Photography 2.Music 3. Desserts/Sweets/Candy 4.Crafts 5.Seaside/nautical theme 6. Books 7. Fruits/Vegetables 8. Letters and Package 9. Stationery 10. Leaves Of course there are so many other things that I like so but it said only 10!
I included in my envelope some envelopes from my last letter set and the one I used this time. My friend told me that in Portugal on the 11th November its a national holiday for chestnuts which is quite fascinating. In the UK its not a national holiday but its Remembrance day where people wear a poppy to remember the soldiers that have fought the war since WW1 and we also have a minute silence. As I put some money in the charity pot at the supermarket I was forced to take a poppy which was handy as I posted it to my friend. I also posted some postcards/leaflet on the industrial side of Bradford which I'm sure house many cats!
I used my Halloween Cat set to decorate the envelope and it was a perfect time with Halloween being around the corner at that time. I used my stripy tape around the edge which made it look even better and brighter.  
Today I received my envelope from my partner....
Inside were the answers to my 10 questions, a favourite list and some goodies....
Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitled
1. A cute birdie ATC which I love 2. Buttons: I haven't crafted with that much this year but I am a huge button fan especially the plain ones and lastly lots of mixed items to craft with which are wonderfully colourful and fun. I can't wait to use them at some point :).
Have you received any great packages lately?

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