Thursday, 12 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

I knew I wanted to stick an envelope to a shop window and walk away but never in a million years did I imagine that it would be a betting shop that I'd do it until I created this envelope and it fitted in so well. Many many years ago I was a sent a scrapbook sheet which I ended up cutting the images out of and crafting in my own style. I'd already used the tickets so made my own but since then I've actually bought a stamp set which is typical but I will hopefully craft with that more often. If you ever come across a sheet similar to this again you'll have to let me know as I'd love some more.

I hope someone picked this envelope off as I'd hate to think that it would have blown away. I choose a quote fitting in with betting but now I think maybe I should have kept a more neutral one incase someone just passing by picked it up, it would mean nothing to them. What do you think?

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