Friday, 13 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

I was meant to post this before my gambling one but in my excitement I got carried away and forgot which order I was doing things in.

When I went in to the city on Saturday I parked my car right outside this newly painted door. I loved the colour but also everything about the style and colour of the door. I was so attracted to it I had to post an envelope through the letter box super quickly as I could hear creaking inside and was worried about someone stepping outside whilst I was doing my deed. I'm really curious to know if this letter box is in use as there was one on the side also but I'll never know as I haven't had an e-mail.

I haven't actually had any e-mails yet and the curiosity is killing me of whether or not many of them have been collected since some are not in very obvious places and it could take months for someone to find it.

I did go to the supermarket today and check the book I had left an envelope in and it was still there! The thing is though I'd bought it home to change the e-mail address and had put it in a plastic wallet before putting it back. Someone had taken it out of the book, took it out of the wallet, ripped the seal off, read it and put it back minus bag and seal! The seal wasn't even on that hard as it had the tiniest amount of double sided tape on for that purpose. What really baffles me is that if you go to such an effort to open it then why would you not just slip it in your bag or pocket and take it home away from preying eyes.

Another envelope I haven't blogged about I checked that out today too and that one is still there a couple of days later too.... goodness...

Do you have a fancy front door?
I love the look of this door


  1. I'm not sure if you would dare to do this, but maybe you could also leave an envelope randomly on a table at a restaurant or café. It's impossible to not see the envelope then and maybe you could sit down at a different table for a while to see if someone picks it up.

    1. Thanks Jen for this suggestion, it is something I thought of and wished I could do but my problem is that I don't eat out except take aways which we usually order online. I am thinking of maybe finding a cafe area with tables outside to leave it in.... I'm sure I'll think of something :).

  2. may leave on in a library book or like jen said a restaurant or cafe


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