Monday, 23 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

This envelope I choose for the milkman. I know its an odd choice but lately he's been going on holiday which he's never done before in all the years he's delivered our milk. His notes look like they have been written on a typewriter, they have mistakes and smear marks which in my mind confirms it... so I won't at all expect an e-mail from him telling me he picked it up.

I almost missed him as I was upstairs wrapping a package to post when I heard the door. Luckily the milkman loves to chat to my mum asking about the family, their health etc... he's always been like that and we've got used to his morning knock. Whilst he was chatting to my mum, I slipped out the front door and ran around to the back (it must have looked so comical as I can't run), I quickly shoved it somewhere in the back of his van before he came and ran again. I was back inside and sitting down when he actually did. I then panicked a little that maybe it wasn't in secure enough and when he would be driving around it will fly out but hopefully he will spot it before then. I wish I could have taken a photo of where I left it but there wasn't time.

Hopefully my post card is sloppy enough with appreciation.

Do you buy or have your milk delivered?


  1. as kids we had it delivered now i buy it at a store

    1. I think my mum still gets it out of habit as we are only allowed to use it for cups of tea. For cereal or desserts we have to get the big plastic bottles from the supermarket.

  2. Oh how I wish we could have our milk delivered at a reasonable cost but not the cast if we want it delivered we are expected to pay and arm and leg for it which I will not do as I like my arms and legs so I get it when I do my weekly shopping....
    I will be interested in know if he says anything to your mum about the card

    1. I hope its something I'll get to continue doing when I get a house as the milk is so much more fresher but like you said it all depends on the price and theres no point in breaking the bank over it.


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