Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Project: Inspiration

I decided to make the last 7 envelopes and it was actually quite fun as I spent all day Sunday doing that. I think it worked so much better decorating the envelope and postcard together as last time I decorated all envelopes and then postcard which meant it took longer to prepare things. I now need to think of some more places to leave them.

This one as you can see I stuck on a bench but as I got up to walk away the wind really started blowing but by then some people were coming towards me so I walked away. I really hope that someone picked it up before it did.

Do you ever like sitting on benches and watching people?


  1. love to people watch it's where some of my best inspiration comes from

    1. I'm completely oblivious to them and when if I do pay attention its so obvious which isn't always a good thing

  2. I love people watching it can be so relaxing and so amusing at the same time


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