Thursday, 19 July 2012


I had the idea in mind of leaving an envelope in the perfume section of Boots but when the time came there were just so many people wondering around that I decided not to and left it on a shelf of cosmetics. I get the feeling it will be some time before it is discovered as this one when I walked passed on the other side of the window it just looked part of the display.

Since doing this project its really made me realise that I need to get on to a calligraphy course to understand how to do better writing as its one of the struggles I've had with this project, my writing just annoys me.

I have however in some cases at least been able to draw my own pictures and this is one of them. I've never drawn birds before and for a first attempt I like everything but the legs, I've no idea what I've done wrong with those.

Are you good at drawing by hand?


  1. i'm an expert at stick people that's my speciality

    1. I thought I was too but with this project I've even surprised myself :)


Thank you for your wonderful comment.