Saturday, 1 December 2012

Project: Christmas Postcards

I made my Christmas cards way back in September as last year I ended up in such a flap that I didn't think I would get them made in time to post out before the deadline but thankfully I did. This year I wanted to make postcards and to keep them completely flat in order to spend 87p on every postcard regardless of where it was travelling to.... I accomplished that I'm so proud of myself as I really wanted to at times go over board but had to keep the price in mind as it is still quite expenses for such a flat item....
Starting my #christmas #cards using #stamps and #images unfortunately they won't be very unique this year :(I really wanted to create bright coloured christmas cards this year but after a #Christmas stamp overload I decided to use those which means subtle colours like this #paper #cards #craftsI couldn't get my #christmas #images and stamps to work together so decided to back my #postcards and the penny might drop but it hasn't and these look great just like this. This year I want      to post them without an envie so need to keep them flatI finally found some #washitape in #bradford, hopefully soon I'll be able to buy more as I asked the lady at the craft shop in the city to look into getting some. I hope she does :) #spots #checkered #christmas
I decided to use some Christmas images that I bought maybe 4-5 years ago (maybe longer) but have never found the right time to use them. I still wonder why I bought them. I had planned to use postage stamps but they didn't fit in so, so far I haven't. Christmas paper and this year I have done a couple of bulk tape buys for washi tape so this was the perfect excuse to use them.....Something was lacking which is why I eventually pulled out last years templates and they fitted in perfectly.

I also decided that I had to use up my Christmas papers which resulted in some easy card making as I didn't want things to co-ordinate too much and I'm glad I did as it turned out to be the most fun I've had crafting for one theme so far. It all fell in to place quickly with no stress involved at all... Here is the first of many cards I'll post this month...
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I hope you'll enjoy viewing my cards this month... (up until Christmas at least which is why I'm posting 2 at a time).
Have you completed your Christmas shopping or are you just beginnning to think about it like me?


  1. Everyone who will get a Christmas card from you this year is really lucky! It looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks, I'm sending one to each person on my giveaway blog to those who've taken part. I might give some cards away too.

  2. WOW! Very creative! Love them! °v°b


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