Thursday, 21 March 2013

Project: Elevated Envelope

Last week I wrote a blog post about taking part in the Elevated Envelope exchange which if you missed it your can read it here. I ended up asking all my partners what they called ice-lollies in their country and it was quite interesting to read their response.
1/3 of my #elevatedenvelope #phoenix #watercolour #envelope #snailmail #exchange #fun #washitape #postagestamp #usa
The deadline was the 8th March so my partners were a little late in sending but I have so far received 2/3 envelopes.

The first one I received is this Phoenix Post Bird which is such a lovely idea. My partner painted it using water colour and then copied it on to everyones envelopes.
Inside was a lovely note, a moo card and some interesting information about Phoenix which was sealed with a wax seal to add to the fun of it.

Ice-lollies= Popsicles.
My 2nd envelope arrived yesterday
2/3 from my partner #elevatedenvelope #trees #bluebells #watercolour #australia
and this partner also went for the my summer is your winter theme but also softly. She also used watercolour to decorate her envelope like myself and the envelope above which is interesting that we all used paint for our media. Her inspiration is her garden which she has spent most of the summer enjoying doing her various hobbies. I can't wait for summer even though it means it probably will be scorching making Ramadan a little difficult but I don't care just as long as we  have sunshine! Such a calming place my partners garden.
Ice-Lollies= Ice Poles (I didn't know this one but love it)
One thing I was thinking I wish I had made was ice-pops, growing up I loved sucking on these. The UK brand is Mr Freeze and the blue and red ones were my favourite. I'm curious to know what 'ice-pops' in your country are called also?


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