Wednesday 20 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Outside~

Day 20: Outside
Day 20: outside #doodle #doodleaday #doodleadaymarch #outside #rain #wellingtons #umbrella
Outside its snowing here but I really wanted to do a splashing in the puddles scene. The only thing is I imagined red shoes but got conned out by the colour on the actual felt tip as it shows a nice maroon red but it looks more of a brown. Then I wanted a bright blue but got a dark blue which again looked different on the felt tip. Overall though I'm happy with the way its turned out :).


  1. Oh i have the same pens, in pastel, I love them!

    Always test them on a different cheat of paper tho, I like the doodle looks really good!

    1. I have the bright and vintage ones and they are great colouring in small areas as they don't look streaky like when you colour large areas.

      I thought about the testing too late but will have to remember for next time.


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