Thursday, 14 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Brave~

Day 14: Brave
Day 14: brave I 'tried' drawing #braveheart from the #carebears I don't think it looks anything like it which is why I didn't add colour #doodleaday #doodleadaymarch
I was sat yesterday thinking these are getting harder as they feel so limited when suddenly ideas always pop in to my head making me realise they aren't so bad after all. In the case of brave my mind suddenly went to the care bears and I was convinced there was one called Brave Heart, instead I kept getting the man Brave Heart so had to type in carebears and was so relieved to see I wasn't wrong. I drew the lion but I didn't think it looked anything like it so didn't want to colour it and ruin it further so I left it drawn in pencil.
Here's a tiny version of the one I copied from my phone

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