Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Calm~

Day 19: Calm
Day 19: Calm sometimes when one is feeling so tense it's nice to unwind with some great music. #doodleaday #doo
dleadaymarch #tapes #tapeplayer #music
I actually wanted to draw some toes in a bubble bath but really I wouldn't have been comfortable sending that as a postcard so the next best thing some nice calm relaxing music to chill out to. I also choose a purple postcard to draw on as it is meant to be a colour of calmness but also lavender is purple and comes in many bath products.
I've never drawn with a ball point pen before but I had a doctors appointment at 7.15pm so thought by the time I got back my husband would be in bed. After making dinner, eating it and quickly went upstairs and I just picked up a piece of card and decided I'll draw in ball point pen for once. Its probably not something I'd do again as the ink was too faint to photograph so I had to go over it all which made it really streaky.
What makes you feel calm?

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