Monday, 4 March 2013

Project: Doodle a Day ~Feather~

Day 4: Nature
Day 4: Nature #photoadaymarch #photoaday #feather #nature
I absolutely love nature but I find I don't explore and appreciate it enough during all the seasons but hopefully one day I'll pay better attention to it like I did as a child. Speaking of being a child, I always felt so over excited finding a bird feather, I'd carry it all over, appreciate the softness and the colour of it... now you are encouraged to leave them where they are due to illnesses attached to them. How times have changed. One way I do appreciate nature though is through my crafts, I usually work with leaves, flowers and seaside themes so today I decided to go for a bird feather.


  1. nature is pretty awesome, also the weather has a big influence on my mood. I just love it when it is sunny out.

    1. It is, this year we had a proper autumn with all the colours that everywhere I turned I couldn't help thinking wow. Now we're in to Spring but winter has over stepped the mark and carried on as we have the worst snow fall of this year yet.


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