Friday, 8 March 2013

Project: Doodle A Day ~Someone who inspires you~

Day 8: someone who inspires you! I get up for no one or nothing so early! I don't watch tv unless I'm with you, you force me not to be so lazy by demanding we be so creative! The list goes on... #doodleadaymarch #doodleaday #niece #family #postcard
  • This year I haven't been well and if it wasn't for getting up early in the morning for her I would probably call in sick. The other thing is that apart from Ramadan I don't get up before 7am for anyone but her.
  • I don't watch TV unless we are both curled up on the couch watching children telly.
  • If it wasn't for her I'd be really slobbing out on the couch doing nothing but her persistant attitude in wanting to bake, paint and do other creative things means I need to think of new and interesting things to do with her.
There are so many other things too.....
Who inspires you?
I know my sun isn't so great, I had an idea in my mind but it didn't turn out like it.

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